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I like making playlists. They can be as therapeutic as collaging. Cuz while also having the practical effect of keeping a pin on songs and artists that I discover while surfing Spotify, it’s a way to take a group of songs and organize them to my heart's content. Sometimes I get wild and invent whole narratives and soundtracks to imaginary movies, other times it’s just about setting a vibe to my living space while I write.


Primitive Prime! Radio Playlists

Selections from our Spotify channel

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Get you a circle of friends who love discovering music and curating lists just as much as you do, and everybody wins! Here are some vibes from the homies.

Marvelous Jones

photographer, cocktail wizard, & sunset trekker

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Frederick Akili McDavid

poet, romantic, & vinyl addict

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E.M. Ponce

writer, poet, social worker, & soup alchemist

meet the list makers

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