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Primitive Prime! Lab is best described as the thought-space/ creative studio of music artist, writer, Azrael Encarnacion...Me. Specifically acting as the production studio/music label for my music and the online publisher for my writing. It’s also a curation space to highlight the work of my friends and peers, all maneuvering through a similar space of self-development, transformation, and the capacity for creativity, which I believe all humans possess. This capacity is what Primitive Prime! Lab seeks to explore.



In creating Primitive Prime! Lab as a thought space for ideas and discovery, it has become important to honor the enclosure of that experience by preserving it from any ad-space interference. 


Monetizing the website in general, isn’t part of any immediate future plans, but if you find yourself enjoying the work on Primitive Prime! Lab and hoping to show your love and support via a contribution, each of my music projects are available for purchase via Bandcamp. If that’s not your jam, you could also donate via PayPal or help caffeinate the hustle by buying me a Kofi (I can’t speak for all writers but the stereotype of coffee-sipping, frenzied keyboard-tapping afternoons is definitely true for me). 


If none of the aforementioned options are viable at this moment but you still wish to show your love, sharing any content you enjoy along your online social network, or simply getting the word out to a friend or anyone you think might enjoy Primitive Prime! Lab goes a long way and is deeply appreciated. Following us on social media is another way to show your support and stay connected to updates. Thank you in advance for any of your support, whether you choose to do so now or later. 

All love,


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